201 unique Blogging ideas of the season for the Rocking blog post

Blogging is all about passionate writing. It is something that is related to your hobby. Are you VOID in blogging ideas?

Don’t worry!

In few minutes I will remove that blockage from your mind; therefore, I have suggested 201 most promising blogging ideas. However, you should be passionate about writing, blogging, researching and other core activities, because blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to excel much more in it.

Blogging is not writing a blog post and hit publish; rather it is a package containing SEO, Marketing, Promotions, etc. So by this, it’s a universe where you can test your intelligence in wide areas.

Do you think you need to focus on discussed areas on your own?

You can do if you are capable enough. But I will suggest outsourcing the most of the areas because if you engage yourself in all the activities then you won’t be able to concentrate on the main task. That way you might lose something precious. So outsourcing is the key activity and it is currently in trend.

Blogging ideas


Why is your mind so fickle that can’t produce blogging ideas?

Have you ever thought about this question in silence?

Let me suggest you some way to overcome it.

First, find a niche which suits you the best. Are you unable to find one? Hold on! In few minutes you will have a niche idea because I shared 201 blogging ideas (Highest ever on this planet).

Second, now become passionate about your niche.

Third, do some keyword research. Find keywords with high volume and less competition.

Fourth, feel that you are not managing a blog; rather take it as your startup. Your content is your product. So make your product the best product. Use videos, images, infographics, etc in your product. Build your product on the keyword.

Read blog post of biggies. Follow them like you follow your favorite actors. Learn their writing styles and implement in you with innovation.

I believe, now you will have things cleared with you.

Let’s move forward.

Get blogging ideas

List of 201 Blogging Ideas

  1. Write about blogging niche
  2. Share some case studies
  3. Share experiences
  4. Interview people
  5. Make a vLog
  6. Solo trip experiences
  7. Cooking ideas
  8. Internet marketing
  9. Stories that inspire
  10. Motivational Stories
  11. Daily quotes
  12. Safety story
  13. Economy/Economics
  14. News Analysis/Current Affairs
  15. Backlinks ideas
  16. Social media influences
  17. Write reviews
  18. Coupons sharing
  19. Writing about writing techniques
  20. English Grammar post
  21. English learning
  22. Latest tech buzz
  23. How to quit addiction
  24. Meditation/Self-Hypnosis
  25. Self-help
  26. Fitness tips for corporate people
  27. Travel guidance
  28. Animal Photography
  29. Personality development
  30. How to talk to female
  31. Blogs for corporate people
  32. Awareness about uncommon diseases
  33. Obsessive compulsion disorder
  34. Blog about weight loss/ weight gain
  35. Various online certifications
  36. Engineering project ideas
  37. Relationship improvement tips
  38. How to treat a girl on the first date
  39. Yoga
  40. Outsourcing Guide
  41. Programming Guide
  42. Android/iOS/Windows app development
  43. Parenting tips
  44. Gardening tips
  45. Blog design tips
  46. Employment blog
  47. Career blog
  48. Career consultancy
  49. Write about various courses after graduation
  50. Language learning blog
  51. Vegan
  52. Dieting
  53. Health tips
  54. Fashion blog
  55. Interior designing tips
  56. Blogs about school/college students
  57. How to become public speaker
  58. Event updates blog
  59. Sports blog
  60. Write about your favorite sportsman and his records
  61. Financial planning
  62. How to invest judiciously
  63. Mutual fund guidelines
  64. Insurance policy guidelines
  65. How to earn money by doing part-time job
  66. Car maintenance blog
  67. A blog for a cause
  68. Life at Orphanages
  69. Life at Old-age homes
  70. QR code
  71. Cryptography
  72. Blockchain technology
  73. Bitcoin guide
  74. Blog about various upcoming webinars
  75. Blog about Smartphone
  76. Lyrics blog
  77. Singing tips
  78. E-book publishing
  79. Blog about Email marketing
  80. Run contests
  81. Post an Infographics on any topic
  82. Host giveaways
  83. Create lists (For example Top 10.., Best 10.., Super 10…, etc)
  84. Tutorial blog
  85. ‘How to’ blog
  86. Write about politics
  87. Jokes & Meme on Donald Trump
  88. Beginner’s Guide
  89. FAQs blog (Example: Remote Control Drone: FAQs & Buying tips)
  90. Blog about breaking the old myths
  91. Indian Culture
  92. Harappa Civilization
  93. British Empire
  94. IOT (Internet of Things)
  95. B2B ideas
  96. Selenium Automation Testing
  97. Free advice blog
  98. Free health consultation blog
  99. Productivity guides
  100. What’s App message blog
  101. Online tech support
  102. Best out of waste blog
  103. How to save money?
  104. How to multiply money?
  105. Step by Step guide blog
  106. Share PowerPoint presentation
  107. Glossary of tech terms
  108. Simplifying tech jargons
  109. Tips on overseas study
  110. IELTS guide
  111. GRE Guide
  112. Social media guide
  113. YouTube marketing guide
  114. Surveys
  115. Bringing reality of fake news
  116. Holiday Guide
  117. How to overcome frustration?
  118. How to avoid negative energy?
  119. How to control your emotion?
  120. How to stop masturbation?
  121. How to follow celibacy?
  122. Opinion blog
  123. A blog about public letters to authorities
  124. Movie reviews
  125. Personal blog (Example: Childhood memories, best friends, favorite foods, etc)
  126. Blog about local restaurants and other places
  127. A blog about best deal
  128. Piano, Guitar and other instruments guide
  129. Astrology
  130. Science & Astronomy
  131. DIY guide
  132. Entrepreneurship blog
  133. Spiritual Blog
  134. A blog on nightlife
  135. College trip planning
  136. Selling/Buying items blog
  137. Ideas sharing blog
  138. Money management blog
  139. Write about different coins
  140. Monthly goal
  141. What to do on weekends?
  142. How to find a girl?
  143. Blog about important lessons of life
  144. Makeup tips (General)
  145. Makeup tips for men
  146. How to treat women in candle light dinner?
  147. Salsa Tips
  148. Gift Guide
  149. How to overcome fears?
  150. How to overcome betrayal?
  151. CRM guide
  152. Blogs about Ayurvedic medicines
  153. Home remedy guide
  154. How to control teenage emotions?
  155. Sell ideas
  156. Sell services
  157. Guide on Safe hacking practices
  158. Differences between hacking & cracking
  159. Blog about your pet
  160. List of people to follow on social media
  161. Weight loss exercises
  162. How to utilize time in the gym?
  163. How to build abs?
  164. How to reduce fat on tummy?
  165. How to get a dream job?
  166. How to become a rocket salesman?
  167. How to flirt a girl?
  168. How to meditate?
  169. Blog about famous personality like Abdul Kalam, Narendra Modi, Barrack Obama, Ratan Tata, Vivekananda, etc
  170. Expose people who spread hate speeches
  171. How to become a social animal?
  172. Share fitness routine
  173. Dating tips
  174. Comparison blog post
  175. List of best cruise Carnival
  176. Make an audio blog
  177. Pros & Cons blog post
  178. Self-sustenance guide
  179. How to set up a small business?
  180. How to make money from home?
  181. Documentary vLog
  182. Self-defense tips
  183. Kung-Fu tips
  184. How to achieve Black Belt in Martial art?
  185. Communication techniques blog
  186. Business management blog
  187. How to be a true friend?
  188. How to read people?
  189. How to stay away from fake people?
  190. How to overcome personality disorder?
  191. How to participate in group discussions?
  192. How to crack personal interview?
  193. How to get a job at Google?
  194. Life of an IAS officer
  195. Constitution of India
  196. Our fundamental rights
  197. What is Right to constitutional remedy?
  198. What constitution says about Right to freedom of speech & expression
  199. A blog about famous supreme court cases
  200. How to stop terrorism?
  201. How to spread peace & fraternity?


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