How to perform Buddhist Meditation for longevity?

Buddhist Meditation

Meditation as a whole and not just Buddhist meditation is a process that a person uses to calm the mind and body so one can become a way of a higher truth. Meditation has been incorporated in virtually all religions around the world. Of course, not all religions use the …

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What are different types of Meditation for peaceful living?

types of meditation

Meditation is just a general term, for an endless way to achieve a relaxed state of mind. There are many types of meditation and they include the following: Guided Meditation This specific type of meditation is also sometimes called guided imagery and visualization. The guide encourages one to form mental …

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Let’s discuss the 5 Miraculous Power of Meditation    

power of meditation avinash

Meditation is an age-old practice that if followed throughout the world, virtually in all religions and cultures to heal and relieve stress. Although it might go by different names – relaxation techniques, prayers, hypnosis or hypnotism, and visualization; these all forms are of the same practice. So to embrace these …

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