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Privacy of each and every individual who is visiting (associated to) Inviul blog is very important to us. We spread the awareness about the type of information that we collect and use them to serve you better by declaring our privacy policy. We also inform you about the types of advertisement we use at

Kindly go through the below points carefully to know more on privacy policy:

User’s Log and Cookies

We use Google Analytics tool and other analytics software to track user’s log. User’s log includes IP address, Browser’s information, Language, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Date, Time, Pages that you visit, Keywords by which you opened our page and Demographic information, except your personal information.

We also use cookies to store the user’s preferences through your browser.  We collect this information to produce the contents of your choice.

DoubleClick DART Cookies

We use Google AdSense, Direct Advertisements and Affiliate product promotion.

Google as a third party uses cookies to serve ads through its Google AdSense program.

Some other third party affiliate partners like Clickbank, e-junkie and Amazon uses technology in the form of links and send those links directly to your browser. They collect your IP address and search information from browser’s history; it helps them to enhance the effectiveness of advertisement.

WWW.Inviul.Com does not have any control over these cookies and links sent by our third-party advertisers.

You may stop information transfer by turning off cookies, JavaScript and other functionalities directly from your web browser.

You may directly contact our third-party advertisers for seeking more clarification on your issues.

Click here to know more about DoubleClick Dart Cookies.

Click here to know the BBB Business Practices.

Comment Policy

This policy exclusively controls the comments posted on

We count COMMENT as a tool to build relations with fellow bloggers. We do not allow vague, abusive, offensive and short sentence comments. Commentators are requested to not use any disrespectful words, it may hurt feelings of others.

Comment approval take place in two steps process. Once you submit comment, it first goes for moderation and in next step admin approves your comment after proof-reading it. Inviul.Com’s administrator keep rights to delete modify and wait list your comment based on the demand of circumstances.

Comment which is below 10 words shall not be acceptable and it will be automatically moved to trash. You are required to use your authentic details while filling comment form. Keywords used in the Name section of the comment form shall not be acceptable.

We give do-follow backlinks in comment to our genuine and passionate commentators.

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