Top Cucumber Interview Questions to crack the Job interview

I’d not say Interview is the barrier between you and your dream job, rather, I’d say it is the breeze which helps you get into your dream job. Today we are going to discuss Cucumber interview questions which you may face while appearing for the interview for Automation testing.

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Let’s discuss some important Cucumber interview questions.

List of Cucumber Interview Questions

Question# 1: What is the Cucumber?

Answer: Cucumber is a Behaviour Driven Development tool which uses simple plain language and Gherkin syntax to write the requirement as test steps for further implementation.

Question# 2: What is Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)?

Answer: Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is a methodology which uses the performance and behaviour of the application for its development.

Question# 3: Can you name any other BDD tool, except Cucumber?

Answer: Some other BDD tools, except Cucumber, are as follows:

  • JBehave
  • SpecFlow
  • EasyB

Question# 4: Which language used in Cucumber to write the test?

Answer: Plain English with Gherkin.

Question# 5: What is the feature file in Cucumber?

Answer: A feature file is the test description file in which we use High-level language to describe the behaviour of the Application Under Test. The extension of the feature file is (.feature).

Cucumber Interview QuestionsQuestion# 6: What consists of a feature file?

Answer: Feature file mainly consists of Feature name, description, tags, scenario and test steps.

Question# 7: What are the Gherkin Keywords?

Answer: Gherkin keywords are-

  • Given
  • When
  • Then
  • But
  • And

Question# 8: What are the programming language supported by Cucumber?

Answer: Cucumber supports .Net, Java, and Ruby.

Question# 9: How to implement Cucumber with Selenium?

Answer: Read this tutorial.

Question# 10: How to install Cucumber in Eclipse?

Answer: Click here to read the configuration.

Question# 11: What are the advantages of the Cucumber?

Answer: Some of the advantages of Cucumber is listed as follows:

  • It is an open source tool
  • A framework developed using Cucumber is very lightweight
  • A non-technical user can easily understand the test written with Cucumber
  • It removes all the gaps between the technical team and business team
  • Code redundancy is reduced with Cucumber
  • Maintenance of the automation test cases is easier
  • Ease to integrate with Selenium

Question# 12: How to create step definition in Cucumber?

Answer: Click to read.

Question# 13: What are the JAR files to be used for Cucumber?

Answer: The Jar files to use for cucumber are as follows:

  • Cucumber core
  • Cucumber java
  • Cucumber junit
  • Cucumber JVM deeps
  • Cucumber reporting
  • Gherkin

Question# 14: What does the real-time use of Cucumber?

Answer: Cucumber used in real time as acceptance testing.

Question# 15: What is the plugin’s name to integrate into Eclipse?

Answer: Cucumber Eclipse Plugin.

That’s all about the Cucumber interview questions. Be confident while appearing for the interview and don’t hesitate to answer any question. If you have any suggestions drop in the comment form below.

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