How to crack Vskills Selenium Professional Certifications Exam?

On 7th October 2018, I have cleared the Vskills Selenium Professional Certifications exam. I got the request from the members of our Facebook group for sharing the experiences of this Selenium Professional Certifications exam, so I decided to write a well-elaborated post on this exam which includes my strategies, goal, the importance of the Selenium Professional Certifications in my career. I believe this post will help you decide the right path if you want to pursue further in Automation testing with Selenium WebDriver.

How did I decide to take up Selenium Professional Certifications?

I started my journey with manual testing, so I worked in manual testing for few months in early phases of my career; however, my initial training was in UFT, Selenium, Java, HTML and other programming languages.

I got the functional knowledge of the application then started with UFT since it was the mainframe testing. Along with this mainframe testing, I was working in parallel on the customer care portal application of the one of the leading banking client.  Since it was the web UI so I decided to use Selenium, instead of UFT.

From here I started my Selenium journey. I felt very fascinated about Selenium and I just fell in love with it again (after my breakup). 😊

You can say Selenium was the savior in my life to elevate my career as well as to fill up the broken life. I started exploring more about this tool. I first learned Java then core part of the Selenium.

I worked for a year, then I thought If I have a market demanding skill sets then it should be recognized from an authority. Right? I have gone through many certifications portal, discussed with seniors who were already the king of the automation. Then finally I came across a unique Selenium professional certifications portal which claims to be a certification body which is approved by the Government of India and Government of Delhi (Vskills).

Vskills Selenium Professional Certifications

Why did I decide to take up Selenium certification from Vskills only?

There are many reasons for it. Some of the best reasons are listed below:

  • Government recognized certifications
  • They send a book on Selenium as course material
  • Well-designed online course materials through their learning management system
  • Mock tests are available on different topics of the Selenium
  • Flexibility to choose exam dates and center within the preferred city
  • Vskills Selenium professional certifications have lifetime validity
  • They send the recommendation on LinkedIn
  • Tagging in and Monsterjobs
  • Job offerings on their portal after completion of the certificate

These are the best benefits of taking the certification from Vskills. Therefore, I have chosen to take up my Selenium professional certifications with Vskills.

How to crack Selenium Professional certifications?

You need to plan a proper strategy to crack the exam. Most of the people who will be appearing for this exam will be the working professional. So, it becomes very hard to manage time for them. One thing, you should keep clear in mind that you will not get any kind of dumps to mug up all the questions and hence clear the exam. That is not going to happen here!

If you want to clear this exam, then you should be clear with all the basic concepts (I meant crystal clear). So, my strategies were-

  • I was deployed in the Selenium project, so it gave me the good advantage to tackle all the tricky and practical questions.
  • Never ignore any common thing. I kept my eye on every small thing like keeping in mind the return type of various methods, the number of arguments to be passed in a method like assertTrue.
  • I was mainly doing self-study on weekends for static questions.
  • Read the course book thoroughly, it really gives good knowledge.
  • Login to their learning management system and spend time on their online study materials. They update it with latest changes as per the industry requirements.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Never miss their mock tests.
  • Revise course book and online materials.
  • Keep your basic Java understanding clear.
Avinash Mishra Vskills Selenium Professional Certifications

Avinash Mishra’s Vskills Selenium Professional Certificate

Click here to verify my Certificate! 🙂

What kind of questions comes in Vskills Selenium Professional certifications exam?

This is the section which most people keep asking me. Questions generally change, but I can give you the ideas of the questions by classifying their categories so that you can make your strategy likewise. I am going to list down some of the questions here which is based on my memory. So here we go.

  • You should have an eye on different versions of the drivers and tools and time frame of the release of those versions (1 question was there from this section related to the version of opera)
  • Keep an eye on the historical background of the emergence of Selenium (1 question was on emergence year of WebDriver)
  • You should remember all the exceptions which occur in Selenium (2 questions came from this section, like when attribute fails so which attribute exception occur. Answer would be NoSuchAttributeException)
  • When you are calling any methods then you must remember its return type (2 questions were related to the return type, like, return type of getValue() method)
  • Some questions were from Selenium grid, like how many hubs can be made in a grid, default port number of hub and node machines.
  • Few questions were from Selenium IDE like commands of Action, Accessors, and Assertions.
  • They divided questions into levels like High, Medium and Low.
  • You can easily answer Low and medium level questions, but you need live experiences in Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid to answer the tough questions.
  • Some of the questions were from the Automation framework like which framework is also called the Table driven framework?
  • You must practice their mock tests it will help you to answer a few questions as 5-6 questions came directly from their mock tests. I had practiced it well.

How to clear the Vskills Selenium Professional Certifications exam?

As discussed in above section that questions are categorized in High, Medium and Low level. If you are not getting enough time to study their course materials, then in the worst case how can you clear the exam! Let me guide you through it.

You should make sure that you are deployed in a Selenium project. It will help you answer the practical questions like methods return type, default ports in grid and exceptions related questions. So, to be in the live project will help you answer 15 questions. Now give their practice tests on weekends, easily you can answer around 6 questions. Before exam goes through all the historical background and version related theory. It will help you answer 4-5 questions. Hence, by doing so you can easily score 26 marks, which is above the passing marks. Thus, you pass the exam.

What are the benefits of Vskills Selenium Professional Certifications?

Some of the immediate benefits are as follows:

  • You will be the certified Selenium professional
  • You get many job offers based on the certification

Avinash’s Recommendations

I will recommend you taking up this certification exam. It will broaden opportunity in Automation testing.

Avinash Recommendation on LinkedIn

Recommendation on LinkedIn from Vskills’ Monimala

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