Friday , May 26 2017

Top 10 Browsers for web surfing

Web Surf browsers

Google Chrome It was released in 2008 by Google. It is very fast and its users are growing daily. 70 million users have Google Chrome.  It has a great design layout. Its user interface and speed put it at the top in the list of browsers. It is 32.00 mb in …

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22 major health benefits of Onions

Onions for health

Onion : Roughage that takes up life The health benefits of onions cannot be over emphasized. They are part of the alliums family of vegetables and herbs. Chives, garlic, Scallions and leeks are also members of this healthy vegetables family. Alliums vegetables have been cultivated throughout the world for centuries …

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Some important health benefits of Green Beans

Green beans

Today, we shall be looking at the health benefits of green beans. You may not know but green beans are actually nutritionally comparable generally, to other pod vegetables, like okra snap and peas. They are usually harvested while the beans are yet in their pods, before they fully mature. They …

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12 hot link building strategies of the century

Link Building Strategies

SEO first starts with keyword optimization and then it transforms into link building. So backlinks are the soul of SEO and SEO is the soul of any website or blog. We have entered into New Year 2017. Things changes gradually and we become older, likewise, link building strategies also changes …

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Understanding some Traditional Cipher techniques

Traditional Cipher techniques

In previous sessions we have learned modern cryptographic techniques which include Symmetric key encryption and asymmetric key encryption. Today we are going to learn about some traditional cipher technique which people used earlier to protect important information. Revision from previous class Kerckhoff’s principle of cryptography Cryptographic attacks Active Attacks Passive …

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Understanding major Cryptographic attacks

Welcome to third session on Cryptography. Let us have quick revision of previous class! Revision from previous class: Cryptosystems Types of Cryptosystems Symmetric key encryption Asymmetric key encryption Session 1 Link – Cryptography: Basic Understanding Session 2 Link- Cryptosystem and its types This is the age of information. Internet is …

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