Friday , June 23 2017

9 Advertising Networks to Make Money Online

Ads networks Inviul

Today blogging is no more for fun, but for fun and money. Below are some popular PPC advertising techniques (networks) that you can take advantage of to make money with your site or blog. Google AdSense Google AdSense is not the oldest advertising network, but since when it was launched …

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 5 Top Remote Control Helicopters below $500

Remote Control Helicopters

Remote Control Helicopters, however, are the best alternative to Remote Control Drones. But, RC Helicopters not always give the same feeling as RS drone gives so I collected a list of those RC helicopters which has drone features enabled. I’d say you can gift any of the helicopters out of …

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Cryptography: Block Cipher & Feistel Block Cipher

Block cipher Crypto

We have learned traditional cipher techniques and various core cryptographic techniques so far. Let’s move forward and discuss on Block cipher and Feistel block cipher. Let’s have quick revisions from previous sessions. Revision from previous sessions Major traditional cipher techniques Caesar traditional cipher – type A Caesar traditional cipher – …

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Remote Control Drone – FAQs & Buying Tips

remote control drone avinash inviul

What is Remote Control Drone? Remote control drone is a remotely controlled flying robot which uses software stored in its embedded system in conjunction with sensors & GPS system.  Technically it is called as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).   What are the actions performed by Remote Control Drone? Drones are …

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