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In the blogosphere, very few people (bloggers/commentators) exists who give genuine comments on blog posts. A writer is an artist who knows the art of playing with words and creates a nice piece of content. Nobody can understand it, except a creative writer. A true artist is a hunger for true applause, moreover, he doesn’t bother about money except for true respect for his creativity, and so does the same apply to a blog writer. He doesn’t need anything, except an honest comment. An authentic comment on a blog post can make his day. Thus, by considering such thing we launched CommentSafe WordPress Plugin exclusively for a creative writer.

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How to launch Chrome browser in Selenium WebDriver?

Webdriver is the interface in API, which has several implementations. We mainly write test cases against those implementations only. HTMLDriver, FirefoxDriver, OperaDriver, ChromeDriver, InternetExplorerDriver, etc are the implementations to WebDriver …