22 major health benefits of Onions

Onion : Roughage that takes up life

The health benefits of onions cannot be over emphasized. They are part of the alliums family of vegetables and herbs. Chives, garlic, Scallions and leeks are also members of this healthy vegetables family. Alliums vegetables have been cultivated throughout the world for centuries for its characteristic, pungent flavors. It is also a medicinal content.

Onion is a powerful vegetable that keeps the body free from a lot of infections and diseases.

Onions for health

Here are enlisted 22 benefits of Onions:

  1. Onion juice when applied on burnt skin or an insect bite or a bee bite can heal it. When used on burnt skin it may burn more but it will heal it fast and properly recovered.
  2. Onions are also used to prevent cancers. It prevents neck, head, and colon cancers.
  3. Taking it daily can help you against osteoporosis and atherosclerosis.
  4. Taking it regularly helps increase the insulin in the body. It controls sugar levels in the blood. This is good for diabetes patients.
  5. Onion reduces heart problems by reducing trans fat from the body. It also prevents coronary diseases.
  6. Regular intake of onions heal the inflammation from arthritis in the joints.
  7. Onions heal body ache and acts as a quick pain reliever when fried in sesame or castor oil.
  8. A fast and cheap way to remove dark patches or pigments on your face is to simply apply onion and turmeric juice on the area.
  9. Onion juice cures ear and eye problems. In few societies, people uses onion juice as eye drops for clear and perfect vision.
  10. Onions are widely used to overcome tooth decaying in Asia and Africa.
  11. It has great rejuvenation properties on the body tissues when taken daily.
  12. Onion juice effectively removed some types of moles on the body part.
  13. As a student if you need good memory and a strong nervous system, taking it regularly will do the magic.
  14. Onion juice has proven to cure menstrual disorders. For good result take raw onions a few days before the beginning of your cycle.
  15. Onions are very helpful as an antiseptic, antibiotic and antimicrobial.
  16. Onions are very rich in fibers, calcium, potassium, sulfur, vitamin B, vitamin C. They are also low in fat, cholesterol and sodium.
  17. Onions for health
  18. Onion juice can be used by women or men on the hair or the scalp to get rid of lice and cure hair fall.
  19. They contain starch, water, protein, fats, fibers, minerals, calcium, vitamin C, iron and B-complex. It is advisable to take between 100 – 150 grams of onions to fully enjoy it health content.
  20. Onions cures fever, common cold, cough, sore throat, allergies.
  21. A small piece of onion bulb works effectively against side effects of fever.
  22. A small piece of onion bulb, when inhaled, stops or slows down nose bleeding.
  23. An onion bulb a day cures insomnia or sleeping disorders. Try it today if you suffer from this ailment.
  24. It improves the digestive system.

The addition of onions in a dish is a great way to add flavor without adding extra calories, fat or sodium, which can be harmful to health. So with onions you are sure to stay away from unnecessary calories, fat or sodium. They pair well with most dishes. They can be salted, grilled, roasted or caramelized.

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