Top 5 travel blogs to be followed in 2018 for best experiences

Earlier, it was a tough experience researching a holiday. Your only source will be a travel brochure and an agent who might guide you. With both these sources, there were many pitfalls, in the form of endowed interested in signing you up. Though, things have dramatically changed within years, with the advent of digital technology. Travel blogs with real experience and information provide a great way to find out about various tourist destinations.

These sites contain practical details gathered by the blog author itself, like as the happening places, accommodation options, nightlife, and restaurants in various cities. Another great thing about blogs is that you can always interact with the writer, as well as other travelers and get to know unique details about specific travel destinations.

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Top 5 Travel Blogs

Let us look at the top five travel blogs written by independent travel writers. All of them are inspiring and fun to read.

1. Nomadic Matt

Matt offers tactical and practical tips and recommendations about how to travel cheaper, better and longer. The blog offers down – to – earth information about the top ways to explore the world. The blog is a collection of useful tips rather than adventure, although there is an extensive travel guide section with information gathered from the author’s travel since 2004.  The blog includes a list of resources and videos.

2. Global Grasshopper

Maintained by a team of travel writers Becky and Gary.  Unlike other blogs listed here, this is not a chronicle of a single person’s travel experience, but rather a collection of inspiring travel destination tips and real stories written by travel writers.  You can get the list of top cool hotels, beautiful places and a section for travel snobs.

3. Fox Nomad

A travel blog maintained by Anil Polat, a full-time traveler and a gadget geek as well. This blog has been chosen as one of the best travel blogs by the Huffington post and the main focus of the blog is on the technical aspect of travel. The author often visits countries which are off – the – beaten – track and offers practical tips on how to manage in places like Iraq and Yemen. On the blog, you will also get destination tips, resources, tech posts and insights into culture and green travel.

4. Almost Fearless

One of the top ranking travel and leisure blog maintained by a traveling mother with her family since 2008, the blog is filled with eye-catching images and the blend of travel, self, and family. The family travel target is seen in the blog sections – like kids, kitchen, and images. You will also get useful destination ideas, but more general life insights.

5. Johnny Vagabond

Another of the Huffington’s pick.  The blog’s charm is the well-written description of the writer’s adventures. The author travels around the world on a shoestring budget and taking excellent images as he goes. The writing is intelligent, engaging and entertaining as well as offers you loads of information about the travel destination.

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