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What is Selenese in relation to Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE Selenese Inviul

What are Selenium commands? These are the set of commands which are used to run test cases. These Selenium commands are often called as Selenese. These are responsible for creating a testing language that supports testing environment. Which portions of web pages tested using Selenese? Selenium commands, AKA Selenese, helps …

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What are the locators to find web elements?

Locators by id inspect

Web Element Locators Web element locators identify the target on web applications to perform various selenium commands. It is in the format like Locator_Type = Location. There are different types of web element locators and it is up to you to decide which one to take in use. If one …

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A basic guide to Selenium IDE

Explaining Selenium IDE

Disclaimer: There will be two more articles on Selenium IDE. Those articles teach uses of various Selenese commands and other technicalities to build test cases. So I recommend you to follow those articles too.   What is Selenium IDE? Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a Firefox plugin to build …

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