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Free Selenium Tutorials

This category is highly dedicated to Selenium automation testing tool lovers. We are offering a free Selenium tutorials for everyone. You can start your learning from here.

You should have programming understanding if you are using Selenium testing tool. These free Selenium tutorials are dedicated to those who want to learn Selenium and wants to give real shape to their career in Quality Assurance sector. Here we teach you from very scratch that is the History of Selenium, hence, in the history, you will know how Selenium as a testing tool evolved and its various initial challenges. Here are some of the initial chapters that you need to follow:

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Dynamic CSS Selector Contains

A complete guide to writing dynamic CSS Selector in Selenium WebDriver

Handling dynamic web elements is the major challenge in test automation. Selenium 3 offers three choices to handle dynamic web elements. We have already discussed the first technique i.e., handling changing web elements’ properties through dynamic XPath. Today we will learn the second method i.e., writing dynamic CSS Selector to…

Architechture of Chrome Driver and chrome browser

How to launch Chrome browser in Selenium WebDriver?

Webdriver is the interface in API, which has several implementations. We mainly write test cases against those implementations only. HTMLDriver, FirefoxDriver, OperaDriver, ChromeDriver, InternetExplorerDriver, etc are the implementations to WebDriver interface. Today we will discuss ChromeDriver to launch chrome browser to run test cases in Selenium webdriver. ChromeDriver is basically…