Selenium IDE for Chrome: A new version with advanced features

This is going to be a talk of the town. Why I am saying this? You might get excited (especially who made their hands dirty during Selenium learning with its IDE) because Selenium IDE is available now for Google Chrome with quite ‘feel good’ UI. I am sure you will at least install this IDE in your chrome browser however you may don’t need it after working long years on Selenium tool.

1 year and long live Selenium IDE

On August 9, 2017, Selenium officially announced that the Selenium IDE will no longer be available from Mozilla Firefox version 55. There were many reasons for the discontinuation of Selenium IDE. The main reasons are stated as below:

  • Due to competition in the market, Mozilla was improvising with its Firefox browser hence they had to change some formats of the files inside it. Like switching the extension from XPI format to widely used Web Extension mechanism. Each extension is maintained by their developers, so IDE was lacking in contributors who can make it compatible as per the new configuration of the Mozilla Firefox.
  • Selenium IDE was lacking with the team to support core people to get advantages of the new technologies used in latest lighting fast version of the Firefox.
  • Prior to August 2017, only 11 people did code commit to its repository.
  • Only one person was managing the IDE since 2016 so you can think almost negligible support was there.
  • Since it is the Open source project so people who were contributing to it were not getting paid. So, this was another reason for lack of interest.

Appeal: Those who are financially strong kindly donate something to the Selenium community to make this tool long live. Click here to donate.

Selenium IDE for chrome


How Selenium IDE evolved again?

People from Applitools and SideeX started helping and contributing to the Selenium IDE development and making it in synchronization with the latest technologies of the browser.

Exactly after a year when Selenium IDE was discontinued, on August 6, 2018, they have re-launched a new version of IDE called as Selenium IDE! This latest version of IDE is currently in Alpha state and it is available to download and use.

How to download and Install Selenium IDE?

Here are the links of Chrome extension as well as Firefox Add-ons of Selenium IDE. Click to download:

Here are some of the Selenium IDE tutorials for you:

Benefits of new Selenium IDE for Chrome

I have collected some of the benefits of new Selenium IDE.

  • Built with modern APIs
  • Available for both Chrome and Firefox
  • User-friendly UI
  • Quick Recording and Playback
  • No longer feature parity gaps

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