Realty continues to Boom in Hyderabad

The city of pearls, Hyderabad, has a glorious past and an illustrious present. It has emerged from its past and leaped ahead in the future with rapid and sustained socio-economic and infra-developments. The city has witnessed immense growth in the IT sector and major industries have chosen Hyderabad as their commercial hub.

Been majorly revamped in the last decade and what one sees today is the emergence of a full-fledged metro city. Property for sale in Hyderabad is minting money as the prices have doubled and trebled over the last five years.

The infra growth has changed the face of the city of Hyderabad. The newly developed areas are making the real estate experts heart swelling with joy. The sporadic infrastructural development of the city has led to the overall real estate growth in the city. These real estate growths lead the construction of new colonies and residential hubs across the city.Hyderabad India

Hyderabad now comes across as a well-developed city which offers all kinds of facilities and means of entertainment. Commercial, as well as residential constructions, are happening at a rapid pace; so the increase in the prices of property for sale in Hyderabad is understandable.

Increasing demand

Despite the slowdown in the Economy, Growth in the real estate can be witnessed across the city. The slowdown has only benefitted the buyers. Now one can see that certain pockets which were high on the reality charts are now within the reach of a middle-class buyer under their budget,


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City of opportunities = Hyderabad

The city has increasingly become the city of opportunities which offer prospects with the big MNCs and national giants. It has a good lifestyle & cosmopolitan atmosphere to live in.

Properties for sale in Hyderabad are good in quality with basic amenities and furnishings and facilities in place. New Hyderabad especially is the hub for the young professionals who prefer living in housing societies near their professional hubs.

Multi-story buildings and corporate parks dot the newly developed areas, hence the real estate prices are sky high.

Property Prices

We are talking about the prevailing property prices in the area so buyers and investors support these positive currents. Despite being an IT city, the upcoming Metropolitan offers houses for all kinds of buyers. The prices range between Rs 2000 per square feet to Rs 10,500 per square feet (April to July 2013 figures). The prices have gone up in the last quarter and are expected to rise further owing to increase in the demand for houses.

Hyderabad India


Real estate is doing well in the city and hence the growth momentum paints a rosy picture so far. The last quarter and even before that saw an increase in the value which was between 6 to 18 percent. It was a little slowdown in the growth rate but it has not prevented the real estate market to grow.

The recent developments and continuous improvement in the public infrastructure point at a sustained growth for the years to come. The investment in buying a property in Hyderabad bounded to reap rich dividends for next generations; as the city of Nawabs is likely to remain at the center of commercial activities and growth in the sub-continent, inviting professionals from all walks of life and different cities to work and eventually settle in the city.

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