A story that teaches you to Overcome your past deeds

There have been many persons in this world who have fallen into the traps of greed which had eventually led them to move from the path of virtue to the path of vice. This essay depicts the story of one such person who had been misguided by his close friends once and went on to become a merciless criminal at one point of time. He was arrested by the police and was given imprisonment for ten years. However, his he was released early and due to good behavior and he did something very significant and remarkable after that.

A story of the boy begins here

This boy belonged to a well to do and respectable family. He was given good schooling. At the age of 17, he fell into a bad association of his classmates and gradually started involving himself in many criminal activities. After five years, he came to be associated with one of the most dangerous gangsters of the underworld and then did three murders. He was then arrested by the police and was sentenced rigorous punishment.

In jail, he had to do certain social services such as making books for children, involving in many cultural activities, planting trees and much more. Also, since he had a good educational background, he was given the responsibility to teach other inmates. He had also saved two people from death numerous times. Seeing this good service and behavior, he was released after eight years even before his punishment was completed.

After being released from the jail, he took a major challenge to do at least some good for society. He set up an NGO for the unprivileged children who are mostly orphans. He taught them and arranged for their comforts. Also, he opened a night school for working people who did not receive a chance of education before and made sure that the classes were regularly held. He also tried to get an affiliation for this school in which he had finally succeeded. He had arranged for the welfare of the families of those three persons whom he had murdered.

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Now he is a successful man-

Today, he is a successful man. He had settled in life and now has children who, he ensures never follow the ways he did at one point of time. His NGO now has international repute and he had also received many awards for such initiative. The grants he receives for his organizations are utilized fully and if something remains, he donates it to other orphanages and unprivileged. He is now very happy with his family and is leading a normal social and
a healthy life which can be the reason of inspiration to many.

Thus, it can be seen that life always gives you a second chance to improve yourself. There are numerous temptations and you have a high chance of falling into the pits. But you can always get out of it and make pave your own oath of happiness. The example of this man proves to be an inspiration and motivation for each and every person.

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