5 Best GPS Apps for Smartphone Users with best Navigation result

Before the invention of Smartphone, people had to print instructions from the computer. They noted down things or places; sometimes in few cases used to have GPS installed in vehicles. However, things have changed now as everyone has bought Smartphones. This means that people can get correct directions easily and without losing himself in the street. Various types of GPS applications are present in the market (Google Play Store/iOS Store, etc) that can provide correct directions. Skye phone numbers prove to be useful for people who want to get information regarding satellite services. Here is a list of latest 5 GPS Apps for Smartphone that can help people choosing to meet their expectations.

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List of Best GPS Apps for Smartphone


This application can prove to be useful if the user wants to know about the traffic along the way. It is quite common that people find themselves in traffic jams on their way to the office or while going to some new places. This application tells about the correct route, and if the driver takes a wrong turn it highlights the wrong navigation. People can easily give voice instructions to the Smartphone and locate any important places they want. It’s the best choice to locate any location through GPS while driving and walking. Let’s take an example- If the person is driving then they can take the benefits of gas (CNG) price feature as it can display the best price of the gas from nearby stations.

Mapquest Inviul GPS Apps for smartphone

GPS Essentials

The functionality of GPS essential is similar to that of Google maps but has extra features. Apart from accessing the Google map data it also shows the track of route, distance, time, target altitude, speed, date, turn, battery temperature, sunrise, and moonrise. One can also export KML files and then import these files in Google Earth and Google maps. It has HUD camera that can show the waypoint which allows taking snaps and sharing them further.

GPS Essentials Apps Inviul

Google Map

It is one of the most famous navigation applications among the Smartphone users. It is an advanced application because of its Google Street view. Along with navigation through the roads, it also gives an actual inside view of museums, restaurants, and various other places. People can easily find any locations and look through the reviews of those places and if the user signs into their account they can save the places and get a recommendation.

I am Google’s Local Guide – Meet Me!

Avinash Mishra is a Local Guides from Google

Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic

It is another popular application based on GPS system that does not like waiting and wish to get away from the traffic. It captures the location of the user and based on the collected data shows the exact data of the traffic that is on the way. People using this application can report about any mishap taking place on the way and mistakes on the map. Although it shows the details of the user to other people they can choose to stay anonymous. It also informs the user about the location of the cheapest gas station that is present on the route.

Waze Social GPS Apps Inviul


Navigon (Among best GPS Apps cum Device for your 4 wheeler)

It is a simple application that gives a 3D and 2D Google street look of the destination. It also suggests one of the best routes and supports other features such as Lane Assistant Pro, Clever Parking, Speed Assistant and other helping features. Users can choose different speech accents and benefit from text to speech feature. It also supports 3D panorama view, mobile alert and traffic live.

Navigon GPS Apps cum device Inviul

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