My first love story with Pinky and Cashify #CleanUpCashOut

Someone rightly said that it is very hard to forget the first word that we uttered after we came to this world, it’s quite emotional to forget our first friendship we did in kindergartens, We can’t even forget our first school, first college, first job and of course it is very hard to forget our first love.

So my love story begins here.

I call her Pinky. She is quite beautiful and she always looks maroon, moreover, her attire is black. I first saw her at Hariniwas Complex, Mauryalok, Patna then eye contact happened. You could say that was love at first sight. She was priceless at that time, even today, at least for me. My parents understood my love for Pinky and arranged our love meet up. I took my parents to Hariniwas where my parents talked to guardians of Pinky and finally I came to know that Pinky is totally mine. I still remember that day It was Dhanteras like today.

I was amazed. It was a completely astonishing experience for me that took me to cloud 9.

I kissed her forehead and hugged her like I felt she is my half soul. She brought windows (Windows 7) to fit in our own home. Then She showed me her 5 eyes (i5) which were inside the Intel box (Intel inside). I was totally out of the world when I knew she is the princess from NVIDIA planet where bike race happens with the speed of 2 GB Graphics. Finally, I touched her and had my first date of my life. She is non-other than my first personal computer of my life i.e., my first laptop Dell Vostro 3500.

You got it right!
She is indeed my first love.

Cashify Inviul

Pinky: My First Love :*

She helped me to learn to create cartoons on Paint, video editing on Windows movie maker, helped me getting information from the internet, refreshed my mood with music and movies and many videos. Pinky helped me to start my blogging journey.

Blah! Blah! Blah!

The more I praise her the less I will talk about her.

Cashify Dell Inviul

She looks so pretty in black attire.

It’s been 7 years of my relationship with Pinky (My Laptop). I know it is very hard to lose her as said above it is very difficult to forget your first love. My grandmother always used to say if you want to offer a gift to your loved one then gift Gold, Not even Diamond. Gold is the purest and best element on this planet. Its chemical name is Auram (Au), whoever comes in contact with the aura of Gold becomes pure.

Pinky is old, thus, Old is Gold.

SO my Pinky is 7 years older and she is very close to my heart. Therefore, I have decided that I will handover Pinky to my nearest and dearest one. Hence I found out Cashify as my dear friend and I will #CleanUpCashOut (very hard to utter) Pinky this Diwali at Cashify.
Cashify is the best online platform to sell our old gadgets which we generally don’t use at home and cash out them. Above all, you get additional 250 INR in your pocket when you sell your old items there. So to give you 250 INR benefits I have an exclusive coupon code for you.

Coupon Code: CLEANCASH

Cashify simplifies your selling. You get the best selling price for your gadget there. The best thing that I loved about them is they come to our doorstep and collect the gadget and they pay in cash at the doorstep itself. That’s quite innovative.
So guys arise, awake, stand up and furnish all the old, unused and extra gadgets and cash out them at Cashify. Things are agile now and we learned to make money with liabilities so time to make money with useless gadgets so cleans up and cash out with Cashify.


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