What are different types of Meditation for peaceful living?

Meditation is just a general term, for an endless way to achieve a relaxed state of mind. There are many types of meditation and they include the following:

Guided Meditation

This specific type of meditation is also sometimes called guided imagery and visualization. The guide encourages one to form mental images of relaxing places or images. One is also encouraged to use as many senses as they possibly can. These senses are smells, sounds, sights, and textures.


Yoga is also a type of meditation; where one performs a series of body postures and poses in conjunction with controlled breathing exercises. This helps in building a very flexible body and a calm mind as well. Yoga calls for the highest form of concentration which in turn helps in relieving stress.

types of meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

For this one to be effective, one is encouraged to be mindful, which in other words, means having a high awareness and acceptance of the present moment. This is where you focus only on what you experience as you meditate with a good example being the flow of your breath. One is advised to only observe the emotions and thoughts as they pass without judgment.

Mantra Meditation

This one requires the use of a mantra which in other words; is a repeated peaceful word, sound or phrase. This mantra is repeated severally, silently and calmly and it narrows down one’s consciousness and awareness, eliminating all thought from the mind in the process. By focusing on the peaceful mantra, one is able to achieve a perfect state of peacefulness and calmness.


This can be described as a Chinese form of martial arts that is usually gentle. The process involves performing a chain of self-paced postures or movements; slowly and gracefully, while at the same time, practicing deep breathing exercises.



This is normally a combination of meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises and physical movements to re-establish and uphold balance. This type of mediation is truly the part of ancient Chinese society. Qigong is the oldest among the types of meditations which is the conscious creation of healthy mind and body with handful benefits of health.


Relaxed Breathing

Just as the name suggests, relaxed breathing is a meditation method, which involves using the diaphragm muscle to expand the lungs; as you engage in deep and even-paced breathing. While doing this, you are encouraged to take in more oxygen as you breathe in slowly while reducing the use of neck, upper chest and shoulder muscles in breathing. This helps in breathing more efficiently.

Zazan Meditation

Is one of the popular Buddhist meditation which is actually the heart of Buddhist meditation. This practice is actually termed as Dhyana in India and literally means, ‘seated peacefully’. Basically, this meditation is one of the simplest forms of mediation because just to sit calmly in right and straight posture is not a big deal to follow. Just proper guidance and self-control with proper breathing is the actual purpose of Zazen. The right state of mind, posture, positions, and breath are some key points of Zazen.

Beginners are advised to take it slowly; and to avoid judging their mediation skills, as this may actually increase to the already existing stress. Proper meditation takes a lot of practice and even the most experienced individual, will experience a wandering mind once in a while. The trick to efficient meditating lies, in slowly returning to your focus of concentration, as soon as the concentration is broken.

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