How to create wealth online in 3 months?

Once you saw the title you would be puzzling, is it easier to create wealth in 3 months? I know you won’t be convinced in single effort, but trust me you will agree with me after you spend next 10 minutes with me on this article.

Lou Holtz well said, “Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.”

So you need to have positive mindset if you want to achieve wealth creation goal in the span of 3 months. Positive attitude should be your first step towards your goal to create wealth online.

What is the online Business model for Wealth creation?

Positive attitude increases our blood circulation and our body gets charged with kinetic energy which helps us to achieve our potential goal. You would have felt this when you become very happy or when you become crazy for the things you love. So next you have to take up that charismatic energy to create online business model.

Wealth creation

Following steps can be taken to create an online business model for wealth creation:

Get an idea

Everything starts with an idea so first get an idea. I would recommend you to choose idea out of your hobbies, choice and among things what you love most.


Conduct survey on your idea. It will help you understand your business model better. You can start your survey though Facebook, Twitter, Survey Monkey; even you can conduct your survey among your close friends, relative and inner circle.

Redefine your idea

I am very sure; you will have some conclusion out of your survey. So redefine your idea now. Make some modifications, if required.

Patent your idea

Now you have advanced version of your idea after redefinition. If you wish you can patent your idea just to maintain authorization. It is not much needed; it fully depends on your choice.

Create an Authority website

Google introduced various changes in search terms. It is better to have Authority website despite giving blood to Niche marketing website. Authority website never dies. It adds value to search engine.

How to create Authority website?

You create authority website by:

  • Sharing authentic articles: It should not be plagiarized
  • Sharing unique ideas with facts and research
  • Making website full of engagement: You can improve comment section of your blog. You should write contents to enhance interaction

wealth ideas

Social Media Engagement

You should interact with fellow bloggers on Social media. Everyone should help each other. Create a social media campaign on your website’s page. Give them opportunity to contribute on your website.

Monetization Strategy

If you have completed above steps then it’s time to monetize your website. You need to focus more and more on search engine optimization stuffs. Then perform keyword research out of your idea and optimize your website with respect to the keyword.

You should focus more on building high quality backlinks. On page SEO matters most before giving effort on backlinks creation. You can promote any products or services through your authority website.

Google adsense is another program to monetize the website. You can do paid reviews too.

By doing all the above techniques you are actually creating wealth online, thus this is the way to passive income.


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