Essential list of Core Java topics for Selenium with Book suggestions

Selenium supports various languages like Java, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, etc. But among them, Selenium with Java is the most popular combination. It is widely used and it is very familiar language. Its familiarity is widely open to the industry because somewhere we are learning it from our school or college times.

After Java, I prefer to work with Python because it is even quite simpler and quicker. Recently, a new framework came that is Acceptance Driven Framework. This framework development is quite popular with Python. If you get extra time then try to learn Python too.

Many people asked me Java is so vast so from where shall I start with it? I said, you don’t need to be a master, but you should be very analytical with mastery over some of the important topics of Core Java.

If you generally ask similar questions as below then today you are getting the right solution here:

  • What are the Java topics for Selenium WebDriver?
  • How much is Java required to learn Selenium?
  • What are the core Java concepts for Selenium?


List of Java topics required for Selenium WebDriver

  1. OOPS Concept- It includes Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Object, and Class. You should be very clear with IS-A and HAS-A relationship.
  2. Major keywords like static, this, final, etc
  3. How to use interface to define rules in Automation framework? Basically, you should know everything about Interface i.e., 100% abstraction technique
  4. String, Wrapper class
  5. Exception Handling
  6. Regular Expression
  7. Basics of Multithreading. It will help you in Framework development.
  8. File handling
  9. Collection Framework
  10. Database connection (As per your requirement)
  11. Reflection class. It will help you in Keyword Driven Framework development.
  12. Constructor and Methods
  13. Property Class

Selenium with Java

Strategy to learn Java in 15 days for Selenium

You can learn all the above topics in just 15 days. But, your analytical skills matter the most. You should be prompt enough to effectively use above concepts in your Selenium scripts. Here are 15 days Java plan for you.

  • In first 3 days, completely learn OOPS concept with keyword topics, Constructor, and Methods with a full practice. These topics covers almost 50% part to support Selenium
  • Take another 2 days to learn Interface, String, Wrapper Class and Regular Expression. Now we have still 10 days remaining.
  • Take 1 days to learn File handling and Database connection.
  • Take full 2 days to learn Collection Framework with practice. It is the heart of Java for Selenium.
  • Take next 2 days to learn Multithreading with dedicated practice.
  • Take 1 day to learn Reflection class and Property class. Now we have still 4 days in hand.
  • For the last 4 days, solve challenging problems. Analyze previously written codes. Practice more and more with debugging code in Eclipse IDE or IntelliJ IDE

If you follow above strategy then you can frequently learn. Everything requires practice and dedication. So practice more.

You can post all your queries in the comment section.

All the best!

Happy Learning 🙂


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