Blogging Guide- Part 1: a perfect guide for beginners on basics of Blogging

I was in my hostel room. Somebody knocked the door. I opened the door and I found Yash was there. He was smiling. I warmly welcomed him then we started usual conversation as we used to do during our college days. In the flow of our conversation he started talking about an education program. I dug him more into it.

Actually, he was talking about MLM system whose business was focused to grab the attention of students. They had very attractive educational program. At the end everyone wants to make money rather than studying. He pressurized me a lot to join the MLM so as to become the part of one of the members of his leg.  I personally do not believe in MLM system. My gut feeling never allowed me to join any kind of MLM program. It is even worse than salesman job.

blogging guide

I posted my query regarding this MLM program in one of the FB groups of my college. One of my seniors replied to my query-

“Dude..You can earn good money online, instead of wasting time on all these MLM stuffs. Just improve your skills”.

I personally met that senior very next day. I learnt some basics of blogging from him. He helped me launch my blog. I gave around one week to choose the name of my first blog. It was MakeMeNoise.Com. Finally I booked the domain name & hosting in February 2012.

This was my story about entry in blogging.

If you want to start blog and you are new to it then this blog post will definitely help you to build basic knowledge on blogging.

Get an idea – Define your goal – Get Niche

You can’t launch your blog on any random topic. First you need to get an idea. You should do some research then conduct your own survey. Then define your goal. You should know your expectations.

After doing above home work you actually get in-depth idea about your niche (subject). Either you chose single niche or multiple niches, it doesn’t bother much. It all depends on your strategies.

Keyword research is must for blogging

Once you define your niche then you need to find some keywords on which you can work. You should choose Long tail keywords. Always keep one thing in mind, keyword should have highest bid with less search engine competition.

Blogging Guide

Get a domain name

I will never recommend you to go for free blogging platform, rather I would suggest you always go for self hosted blogging platform. So you need custom domain name for self hosted blogging platform.  You can choose domain name with any of the extensions among- .com, .org and .net.

Domain name should have keyword included, like if keyword is XYZ then domain name should be or or

You are free to choose your own brand name for domain, like Inviul.

Get a hosting

You should buy any of the Linux or Windows web hosting. I would like to recommend Linux web hosting. You should check below things before you buy hosting:

  • Down time (Up time)
  • Bandwidth
  • Space
  • Number for databases
  • Extra features

There will be series of tutorials under Blogging Guide. In next post we will discuss about steps to host new blog.

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