5 Proven advertising techniques to promote your blog

Disclaimer: This blog post (which contains hot advertising techniques) is written for only those bloggers who consider their blog as their business (one of the assets) and they give all their blood and sweat for its growth. Please do not read this post if you are fickle minded and not blogging from so long days or weeks, giving excuses to yourself that you are out of blogging ideas.

Blogging, however,  put under the category of content marketing. Thus, blogging is itself an advertising technique. Most of the business owners are creating a blog category on their business websites these days. They are doing so just to attract organic visitors; once they get organic visitors they integrate their blog posts with other advertising campaigns like Email marketing, lead generation, etc. Hence it proves that Content is the King and entire online business is dependent on blogging as one of their advertising techniques.

Advertising Techniques Inviul

Basic structure of the blog advertising techniques

Now the questions come if blogging is itself a part of advertising techniques then how to make supportive advertising action plan for advertising techniques itself?

Your question is so obvious.

So what’s next?

Next, you have to act on it and have to go through some of the really proven and sure shot advertising techniques to skyrocket the sales through your blog.

The most basic structure (which is available repetitively on WWW) is finding keyword then building well-researched content (it is your product) over it and marketing (that we are discussing right now) it through various advertising techniques. At the end, you find some related products and you sell them through your blogs. This is the core of internet marketing.

List of proven advertising techniques for promotion

Let’s explore more on the blog advertising techniques which will definitely help you if you are new to blogging and considering it as your career.

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1. Promotion on Social Media & Social Bookmarking sites

This is one of the default advertising techniques that even novice user better know.

Let me share with you some other advantages of this technique.

Google actually suggests those blog posts which is having many shares on the internet. Simply Google displays most popular content at the top of its search results.

Neil Patel shares his Social media marketing strategy, Click to read!

Some of the social bookmarking sites are really helpful. They are passing high authority link juice to the blog. Ultimately it helps to improve search engine ranking. Every blog should have social bookmarking accounts on – Diigo, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, Scoop.it, Akonter, Metafilter, Triber and Product Hunt.


2. Business directory listing

Since you already consider your blog as your own home business hence it must be listed on popular business directories. Ultimately it increases the visibility in search engine. You make sure that your blog should be listed from local to international listing websites.

You can refer these directories to list your blogging business- Google Business via listing in Google Map, eLocal, Yellow Pages, Insider Pages, SubmitX, Bing Places, etc.

I helped my clients in local listing, Google Business listing and Bing Places.



3. Participation in Q&A forums

This is the most legitimate advertising technique. It is kind of helping people and giving them solution which eventually helps in building individual as a brand. I personally suggest taking participation in Quora & Yahoo Answers, which is very much helpful. It appreciates engagement turning into leads.

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One can also participate in various digital marketing forums. Helping people there ultimately give us leads to business expansion.


4. Follow 80:20 rules

Many of you must know this rule. Let me brief this rule for those who do not know.

According to Pareto Principle, 80% of the result mainly comes from your 20% effort. Thus, if you are committed to giving your best 20% then you will definitely achieve 80% of your target.

Now another question comes How to focus on 20% input?

Well! It totally depends on your analysis (strategy) that how you are going to give your 100% in 20% estimation.

Did I confuse you?

Let me help you out.

You can invest some amount in an online advertisement like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc. You can outsource few of the tasks like Link building, Guest post submission, etc.


5. YouTube content creation

You should never ever underestimate the power of YouTube. Recently, Search Engine Land confirmed that YouTube is another powerful search engine. You create video tutorials and upload it on YouTube. You can add URL to your blog in the video description itself.

Google allows you to integrate your Google Adsense account with YouTube so you can monetize it too.

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