5 Top Remote Control Helicopters below $500

Remote Control Helicopters, however, are the best alternative to Remote Control Drones. But, RC Helicopters not always give the same feeling as RS drone gives so I collected a list of those RC helicopters which has drone features enabled. I’d say you can gift any of the helicopters out of these Remote control helicopters to your kids because operating a drone will be risky for kids.

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Remote Control Helicopters: Price Range below $500

V303 Quadrocopter (Price – $200 & $348)

It is among most efficient remote control helicopters. It looks like an integration of four helicopters in one device. You gonna love it for sure. Here are few of its specifications & features:

  • 6 Axis system
  • Hanged flying feature with 360 rotation
  • Mounted with GoPro Cameras
  • GPS enabled
  • Auto Pilot functionality
  • Low voltage protection

Remote Control Helicopters

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V757-3 Range Remote Control Helicopters with Glider (Price – $224)

It looks like an airplane, which has 200mm long airfoil. It is operated at 2.4 GHz which ignores all kinds of interferences. Following are its attractive features:

  • Servos reverse
  • Elevon Mixing
  • Logical Mixing
  • Autopilot mode
  • 6 axis flight
  • Brushless motor

Remote Control Helicopters

RTF FPV Ultra-fast Drone Quadcopter (Price – $304)

It is not only an RC Helicopter, but it is also a Remote Control Drone, which is integrated with DEVO 7 HD camera for image transmission. Let’s have a quick look at its specifications and features:

  • Brushless motor
  • It comes in 2 modes (Mode 1 & Mode 2)
  • Good battery backup

Remote Control Helicopters

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KDW280 FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter (Price – $359)

It is again the combination of both remote control Helicopter & RC drone. If your child is fond of racing games then this is the time to play flying racing game.

You got it right!

This quadcopter is made for racing, either on land or in the air. Here are its best features:

  • Developed on Agile technology
  • Strong body shield
  • 200Mw operating power
  • Resistant to any physical situation

Remote Control Helicopters


F550 Hexacopter (Price – $475)

It has a unique design which consists of 6 flying blades. It is made up of Aluminum which gives the strong shield to its body. Its features include:

  • GPS Compass
  • GoPro camera enabled
  • Offers FPV Aerial photography like a drone
  • APM 2.8 multi-copter flight controller
  • Clockwise & Anti-clockwise counter brushless motor
  • 4GHz Radio link
  • Battery: 33MAh
  • Skid proof system

Remote Control Helicopters

These are the top 5 remote control helicopters under $500 price range.

Which helicopter do you like?

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